More than 12 years of surgical experience

We have a high quality surgical service with the best technical equipment and the guarantee of more than 12 years of experience in the veterinary world.


Surgical interventions with maximum guarantees

In TUCAN Veterinary Center we perform from more routine surgeries such as sterilizations to more relevant interventions, always with maximum safety. In addition, we refer to the best reference centers for specific cases that need a specialized center.

We have a team of professionals with extensive experience and our facilities are equipped with the latest technical advances, with inhalation anesthesia machines and monitoring equipment to provide the best veterinary care for your pet.

Our team has extensive experience in performing surgical interventions of all kinds and, in addition, is oriented to continuous training to offer you the best surgical alternatives. We have the best materials and the most appropriate instruments for surgeries in order to enhance their efficacy and safety.

In addition, we will provide you with the best veterinary advice so that you know what are the surgical and non-surgical alternatives that best adapt to the circumstances and needs of your pet.


Super Premium Quality Feed

ProBiotic LIVE is a patented, natural, functional and high quality pet food that contains highly concentrated live probiotic bacteria to restore and maintain normal bowel functions. Without a doubt it will be the best choice for your pet.


Veterinary Services

In TUCAN Veterinary Center we offer you the best veterinary services to guarantee your pet’s welfare, when prevention has not been enough.

12 years of experience and more than 1000 patients attended support our veterinary work, and we still continue to maintain the same illusion as the first day.

Pet food

We have the best range of food recommended by veterinarians to ensure that your pet receives the nutritional and energy contribution it needs for its proper development and well-being.

General Surgery

In TUCAN Veterinary Center we perform from common surgeries such as sterilizations to more relevant interventions, referring to the best reference centers when necessary.

Inhalational anesthetic

We have the best anesthetic equipment with which to ensure that your pet is pain-free during surgical interventions and always with maximum safety.

Advanced monitoring

Your pet will always be controlled thanks to our advanced monitoring equipment which allow us to monitor their health status in real time.

Image Diagnosis

The best technical equipment for quick and accurate diagnosis of your pet's health status.


Our desparasitation service will ensure that your pet is free of all types of parasites and more protected against ectoparasites, as these represent a danger to the whole family.

Veterinary consultations

We are an experienced and highly qualified team qualification that are committed to continuous training to offer your pet the best veterinary care.

Dog and cat grooming

We offer the best canine and feline grooming service in Fuengirola so that your pet looks the best while enjoying a pleasant and relaxing visit.


We offer you the best financing possibilities so that your pet is always protected and covered by the best veterinary care and protection of Fuengirola.

Oral health

We perform oral exams and reviews, offering the best treatment so that your animal can enjoy healthy and strong teeth during its life.

Internal Medicine

In TUCAN Veterinary Center we offer complete veterinary medicine services against diseases that affect the internal organs of your pet.


A sterilized pet is a healthier pet with a better quality of life. We advise you on when it is better to sterilize your pet and perform the intervention with maximum guarantees.

Clinical analysis

We have the best equipment for rapid clinical analysis in order to quickly determine the health status of your pet.


Do you want to work with animals?

If you are an animal lover and you are interested in the world of veterinary medicine, you are lucky, because AEVE, the Spanish Veterinary Business Association, has developed a training degree of Veterinary Assistant.


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